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Reception for State Fragility conference

YANGON July 23, 2019: U Thant House and ISP-Myanmar co-hosted on 23 July a reception and discussion with Professor James Fearon of Stanford University, Professor Adnan Khan of the London School of Economics, Dr Thant Myint-U, and U Min Zin, Executive Director of the Institute for Strategy and Policy - Myanmar. Professor Fearon is one of the world's leading scholars on armed conflicts. Professor Khan is a development economist and co-chair of the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth, and Development. The discussion was attended by scholars, civil society leaders, business people, and diplomats.

Dr Thant Myint-U on 24 July spoke at the conference "From Fragility to Peace and Development" organized by the ISP-Myanmar and the International Growth Centre (UK). Prof. Fearon gave the keynote address.

Photo top left is of U Min Zin, Dr Thant Myint-U, and Professor James Fearon at the U Thant House reception. The other two are from the State Fragility Conference.

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