Our Research & Outreach Programme aims to identify the most useful online information, adapt it to the Myanmar context, translate it into Burmese, and moderate resulting conversations at U Thant House and online in order to disseminate reliable sources of knowledge and increase the flow of fresh ideas.


With a bilingual online presence that has attracted nearly 400,000 individual users and a Facebook following of over 250,000, U Thant House can have a countrywide reach by providing a portal to reliable information and the spread of fresh ideas. A recent video on climate change produced by U Thant House together with DVB news channel and the partner think tank ISP Myanmar is estimated to have reached millions of people.


Future Plans

  • Create new content on selected topics, in the form of audio-visuals, infographics etc and aimed at informing public debate and help set the agenda.

  • Disseminate selected material prepared for and generated by the Dialogue and Education programmes to the widest possible audience over social media and via the website.

  • Webcast the annual U Thant Memorial Lecture and prepare special material for distribution online before and/or after the event.

  • Maintain and expand the bilingual lostfootsteps.org website as a platform to engage Myanmar people on their history and their place in global history, and encourage rethinking of perceived narratives and ideas.

  • Maintain and expand the bilingual U Thant House website and continue active engagement on U Thant House Facebook page.