"Commemoration of the Centenary of King Thibaw's Death" with HRH Princess Hteiktin Sup

A commemoration and discussion today at U Thant House to mark the 100th anniversary of the passing of Thibaw, the last King of Burma.The special guest of honour was HRH the Princess Hteik Su Hpaya-gyi, granddaughter of King Thibaw (aged 94).Other speakers were Sofia Busch, who introduced U Thant House and today's event; Dr Thant Myint-U who gave a talk on the history of the Mandalay period; and U Soe Win, King Thibaw's great grandson, who spoke on the recent history of the royal family and the royal family today.Dr Thant Myint-U talked about the Burmese kingdom in the 19th century, the Anglo-Burmese Wars, the reforms of King Mindon, the changing structure of trade, relations with China, the

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