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In May 2018 U Thant House launched a new bilingual (Burmese and English) website on Myanmar and global history. The website aims to introduce Myanmar people to the interconnections between local and global history, offer alternative viewpoints and critical perspectives on events in Myanmar history, and link the past and the present in ways that help fresh thinking about future options.

The content comprises over 500 articles in more than ten different categories including: Before History, British Burma, Medieval and Early Modern Myanmar and its Global Connections (900 - 1824AD), Ancient Myanmar and the Ancient World (to 900AD), Late Konbaung Period, Yangon Global City.

The website will continue to publish two brief articles on history-related topics each week, and moderate the active discussions; user engagement has been tremendous with thousands of interactions on each new post.

390,304 Unique users

1,361,420 Pages viewed

88% Burmese language users


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Panthay rebellion of 1872 (9,362 views)

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