Our Dialogue & Discussion Programme aims to transform public debate around key issues facing the country and identify creative solutions through seminars and discussions hosted in the neutral space of U Thant House and attended by leading politicians, policy-makers, and civil society figures as well as young people and emerging leaders.


As a centre for dialogue and discussion, U Thant House has hosted dozens of seminars and workshops annually with the aim of transforming public debate in Myanmar by providing a window onto global debates to enable new thinking about local challenges and new ways to reimagine the future.


Future Plans


  • Monitor global and Myanmar developments to identify timely and relevant topics for dialogue and match them with potential international speakers and resource persons.

  • Organize 6-10 seminars (15-30 people each) annually on Myanmar’s most pressing issues to encourage new approaches and “out of the box thinking”, with a focus on the changing global and regional context and on introducing ideas and experiences from around the world.

  • Carefully tailor seminars to encourage high-impact discussion through partnerships with Myanmar think tanks and research organizations, the inclusion of rising civil society leaders as well as established top policy-makers, and the participation of prominent international speakers.

  • Prepare special material (in Burmese as needed) to aid seminar discussions and to present complex issues in an accessible form making use of audio-visuals, info-graphics etc.

  • Host the annual U Thant Memorial Lecture, delivered by an internationally renowned figure (see page 6 for past lectures), with approximately 250 guests, including government ministers and other leading figures from across Myanmar’s political spectrum, business community, and civil society.